Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes in 2022

Today’s we are talking about Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes. Even in modern times, there are still a wide variety of contexts in which an axe might be found useful.

If you want to construct a log cabin, the best axe to use is a different model from the one you would need to slice wood with and the one that is best suited for falling trees.

We use axes for a variety of tasks and projects, but in this post, I will focus on the Gransfors Bruk and Cold Steel Trail Boss axes and go into greater detail about them.

When you’re trying to stay alive in the wilderness, an axe may be your closest friend. An axe is a tool that has been used for years to shape, split, and chop wood. It has also been used to gather lumber, as a weapon, in symbolic or genealogical emblems, and to collect wood. All of these applications are only the beginning of what others have done with them.

The head of the axe is often coupled to a handle, which is sometimes referred to as a handle. The axe may come in a vast range of forms and be put to a broad number of uses, but its most fundamental structure is that of a head attached to a handle.

Top Reasons for having Axes

Here is a review of the top 5 reasons why you should have an axe nearby at all times. A survival kit is lacking something essential if it does not include an axe. After going through these suggestions, we are certain that you will never be caught without an axe again.

When you have an axe on hand, establishing a camp and braving the weather will be much simpler.

Using an axe to start a fire is very straightforward.

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

The most typical use for an axe is cutting wood for use in a fireplace. Prepare some tinder and fuel for yourself by chopping and shaving pieces of wood, respectively. Fire is the single most effective way to increase morale. You are now able to prepare dinner for yourself!

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks

So let’s start to learn about more it in detail…

Cold steel trail boss axes

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

When you need a tool that serves the job properly without any expensive gadgetry, no tricks, just simple performance, the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe may very well be the finest axe for traditional use.

Although Cold Steel is most well-known for the durability, strength, and sharpness of its knives, the company also manufactures a variety of axes.

Naturally, everything is done in the recognizable Cold Steel manner. Their selection features updated takes on traditional axe designs throughout a variety of categories, but in addition, absolutely unbreakable and cutting-edge tactical axes. Tools are not only practical but also quite interesting to look at.

The 4.5-inch cutting-edge axe head that is linked to an American hickory wood handle is more than capable of taking on the bulk of activities that demand the use of an axe, such as felling trees, producing kindling, and general use.

Cold Steel offers the Trail Boss under the American Tomahawk brand name. Despite the company’s name suggesting otherwise, the stamp on the axe head clearly indicates that the axes are from China.

Don’t let this distract you from purchasing a Cold Steel product, as everything is still built to the usual specifications and standards.

The axe head is 6 and a half inches long and features a 4 and a half-inch primary cutting edge. The head, which is painted black and constructed of drop-forged 1055 high-carbon steel, is attached to the skull with a wooden wedge for additional stability.

A round steel wedge is pushed through the wooden wedge in the following stage. Let it be enough to say that the head is firmly attached. The Trail Boss is 23 inches long and has a straight-grained hickory handle attached to it.

Cold Steel estimates the weight at around 2.5 pounds. That being said, the weight of the equipment isn’t extremely heavy either.

An axe that can be linked to a pack frame and is perfect for usage in areas where an axe is necessary, as well as for shorter Rooftop camping outings that are closer to the vehicle. Storing it in the back of a pickup truck, the trunk of a car, or even on an ATV are all perfectly acceptable solutions.


Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

The Cold Steel Trail Boss advertises itself as an “all-purpose” axe, and we certainly agree with this description. Due to its performance, it must have been suitable for use in most settings, including camping, survival, being outdoors, and even merely chopping wood for the purpose of making firewood.

To begin with, the head of this axe has a powerful drop-forged blade that is 4.5 inches broad and is composed of 1055 carbon steel. It has a lot of weight, which may seem strange to some, but the extra weight means that you don’t have to do most of the work.


Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

The Cold Steel Trail Box Axe is an excellent chopper, but it lacks a hammer face, which is a vital element that an all-purpose axe should include. To be fair, the head of the axe has two flat surfaces on both sides, but it is not recommended that you use those surfaces as a substitute hammer in any way.

You run the danger of breaking the axe or, more critically, hurting yourself in the process. Even though its sibling, the Hudson Bay, is designed specifically for such tasks, we had hoped that the Cold Steel Trail Boss would have been a little more specialised than the standard axe that it is.

Even better, the Husqvarna 26 Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe gives you a dozen different alternatives to choose from.


The reasonable cost of the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe was, without a doubt, one of the aspects of this tool that impressed us the most, in addition to its solid performance. You may get this axe for $25 if you’d like.

We would argue that you are paying far less than it is worth considering what it brings to the table in terms of purpose, design, and performance.

It is the ideal axe to have if you are not experienced enough to handle a Fiskars Super Splitting Axe and you know you will be engaging in outdoor activities on a regular enough basis to justify having an axe. If you know you will be engaging in outdoor activities on a regular enough bases to warrant an axe, then it is ideal to have this axe.

Gransfors Bruk

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

Gransfors Bruk is a company that has been making hand-forged axes for more than a century already. They seem to be of the view that the degree of experience that the craftsman has and the level of skill that the person possesses are the two most essential variables in defining the quality of the axe and how it feels when held in the hand.

Because of this, each and every axe is constructed with the objective of performing a specific function and is stamped with the initials of the smith to serve as a guarantee of the product’s quality. In addition, the smith’s initials are used to identify the axe.

Gransfors Bruk puts a large focus on quality and craftsmanship while also making an attempt to have as little of a negative impact on the natural environment as is humanly feasible.

Gransfors Bruk produces the highest quality axes available anywhere in the world because the company feels a strong sense of duty to guarantee that the knowledge of axes and axe manufacture is preserved for future generations.

Since the beginning of our species, people have been using axes for a variety of purposes. As a result of this, Gransfors Bruk has specified the fulfilment of three requirements prior to the production of any of our axes. These requirements are as follows:

  • Our organisation will manufacture axes with the greatest practicable degree of functionality in accordance with the purposes for which they will be used all over the globe.
  • We are going to create things that have an influence on the natural environment that is as negligible as is reasonably possible given the circumstances.
  • Axes will be made, and the craftspeople who make them will be treated with respect throughout the process.

Gransfors Bruk’s axes can be put into one of four different groups, each of which is best for a different task.

  • Forest Axes
  • Splitting Axes
  • Log-building
  • Carpentry Tools and Double Bit Axes

Gransfors wood axes

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

Gransfors forest axes are specifically for usage in the forest, including felling bigger trees and trimming smaller branches, among other forest-related tasks. The edge of a forest axe is often rounded and long, while the head of the axe is typically flat, long, and thin.

Instead of splitting wood, which happens when a cut is made perpendicular to the wood fibres, forest axes are made to cut wood fibres, like when a tree is cut down or its branches are trimmed.

Each of the several types of axes used in the forest is intended to perform a certain task. A significant number of the models are produced by the combined efforts of many experts and industry professionals.

Participants in the product development process for these axes have included people who work in forests; hunters, fishers, mountain hikers, and those who are specialists in forest and land survival.

Gransfors makes its forest axes in a variety of sizes, each with its own unique head and shaft configuration. The Gransfors Lilla Yxa is the smallest of the three, measuring just 26 centimetres in length and weighing 0.3 kilograms. Due to the fact that the edge of the axe is so fine, it could nearly be used as a fillet knife.

The American Fallyxa is the biggest species and measures 90 centimetres in length and weighs 2.2 kilogrammes. It is used to bring down really large trees. The intended function of the forester’s axe should guide the selection of that tool.

Every single forest axe comes complete with an edge guard made of leather that has been vegetable tanned and the axe book.

Splitting axes

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

Gransfors Splitting Axes are designed to perform the function related to and implied in their nickname: splitting wood. The heads of the axes are large in size and weight, and they are hammered and ground to a concave form, with the edge being relatively thin.

In contrast to forest axes, which are designed to cut through the wood fibres, these axes are constructed to cut along the grain of the wood.

Because the splitting axes have a concave form, the edges may easily and swiftly penetrate the wood, and the splitting occurs when the broader section of the axe pushes the wood apart to create the split.

Because of its unusual form, an axe head gripped with this tool is less likely to get wedged in the wood than one gripped with a narrower head.

When chopping firewood, the part of the Axe shaft that is closest to the head is subjected to the most strain since it is most likely to come into contact with the wood being cut. Therefore, the Gransfors splitting axes all come equipped with a metal shaft protector as standard.

At the other end of the shaft, there is a groove that allows for a better hold on the axe.

Gransfors offers splitting axes in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large, sledgehammer, the smallest cleaver, the smallest cleaver, and the largest cleaver. In addition, the sledgehammer comes with a wooden wedge.

The three smallest axe types are comparable to one another, but there is a difference in the total weight of the head and in the length of the shaft. The head of the sledgehammer is shaped differently from that of the regular hammer; it has a somewhat longer and heavier neck that has sharp edges.

Each splitting axe comes complete with an edge guard made of leather that has been vegetable-tanned and the axe book.

Gränsfors handicraft and timbering tools

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

The timbering and handicraft tools manufactured by Gransfors have been created specifically for use in the timbering of buildings, such as homes, as well as in the handcrafting and sculpting of wood. A number of different carpenters and craftspeople work together to make the axes and other tools.

Gransfors Bruk’s current line of tools was inspired by older models, but they have been updated, improved, and created in close cooperation with industry experts to meet the requirements of modern work.

There are a lot of different ways that the forge can be made, ground, and shanked, but each axe is made to do a certain job. The majority of timbering and handicraft instruments are equipped with an edge guard made of leather that has been vegetable-tanned and the Ax Book.

Double-bitted axes

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

Most double-bitted axes have been used by people who work in forests in the United States and Canada.

One of the benefits of using a double-edged axe for a forest worker was that it could have varied angles of sharpening on either side of the blade. The forest worker brought two axe edges with him, despite the fact that he only needed to carry one axe.

It must have been common practice to have one edge ground more delicately for use in falling, while the other edge was ground a bit more loosely for cutting. Because of its widespread use, the double-edged axe came to represent the kind of person who worked in the woods for a living in North America.

Axe throwing is a popular kind of recreational activity in which a double-edged axe is launched at a target in an attempt to score points. These days, the double-edged axe is only sometimes used for cutting wood in the forest.

The Swedish Ax Throwing Association is one of the organisations responsible for organising the competitions that take place at both the Swedish Championships and the National Championships.

The Ax Book and an edge protector made of vegetable-tanned leather are included with every double-edged axe that we sell.

It’s a Piece of Cake to Make a Shelter for You

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

You may construct a shelter to protect yourself from the weather by constructing a shelter out of wood, branches, and vegetation by cutting them with an axe. Axes may be used to dig holes and break up hard ground in addition to their other uses.

Having an axe around makes almost every job a lot simpler and less time-consuming. In a time of crisis, even something as basic as a hatchet might be invaluable.

Self-Defence against Predators

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

For thousands of years, axes have been used not just as tools but also as weapons for the protection of people from various forms of predation. Whether we’re talking about wild animals or anything much more dangerous, an axe has the potential to save your life.

Including a blade as well as a butt for cutting and crushing Before engaging an opponent who is holding an axe, take a moment to halt.

Food Obtained Through Hunting and Gathering

Cold Steel Trail Boss vs. Gransfors Bruks Ultimate War of Axes

Food is obtained through hunting and gathering. In order to live, you need to keep your energy level up. This is a significant justification for carrying an axe at all times.

A lack of food is the single most effective way to drag someone down quickly. Axes are versatile tools that may be used to crush hard shells, chop bones, and more!

Making Holes for a Number of Different Purposes

An axe is an excellent instrument that may be used to dig, hack, and chisel through ice and snow in the event that you find yourself in a frigid environment. It’s possible that you’re digging a hole or laying up the posts for your shelter. An axe is a tool that must always be present.

How to Get a Good Grip on an Axe and Hold It Correctly?

To chop with power and effectiveness while minimizing the danger of harm to oneself, it is vital to know how to handle an axe properly. When you are holding the axe, your right hand should be positioned just underneath the head of the tool.

Your left-hand needs to be positioned at the other end, just above the point at which the handle comes to a stop. You shouldn’t have a death grip on the handle; rather, as you bring the axe down for the chop on your downswing, your right hand,

The hand that is immediately under the axe head, should glide down the handle in a fluid motion so that both of your hands can come together. If you have a death grip on the handle, you won’t be able to swing the axe as effectively.

However, your grip should not be too tight; instead, aim for a strength that allows your right hand to easily glide up and down the axe handle while remaining solid enough to prevent the axe from shifting or wobbling in your hands as you hold it. This is the ideal strength for an axe hold.

Those of you who are left-handed should just hold it on the other hand if you want to use it correctly.


An example of a basic machine is the axe, which may be considered as either a form of wedge or a dual-tilted plane. This results in a reduction in the amount of work that the woodchopper has to exert.

The concentration of pressure at the blade causes the wood to be cut in half so that it may be used.

You’ll be able to choose the appropriate axe from the two that are shown above if you adhere to the guidelines that are provided in this guide, which describe the fundamentals, the characteristics, and the guidelines in depth.

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