Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped Hair Trimmers Buying Guide 2022

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped. For years, grooming the hair down there has been a problem and source of anxiety. Few men know where to start, much less what tools to employ. Luckily, men’s grooming products have been growing and improving for many years, and the stigma around male grooming has disappeared.

In fact, it’s fairly uncommon for men today to take an interest in maintaining their pubic hair well-manicured.

This has allowed stand-out grooming tools to take center stage.

And before you dig out the old beard trimmer to start making alterations, remember that the same equipment you use to trim your lips and jaw should not be used to trim your genitals. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Thus let’s look at what you should be using instead.

Given the sensitivity of that intimate area, particularly your testicles (balls, cajones, gonads, whatever you prefer to call them), a personal trimmer for pubes built expressly for shaving those bits can assist avoid cuts, skin irritation, and produce a closer cut than other machines.

God forbid you to try to clean up that location just to have it backfire with self-inflicted wounds. When it comes to crucial criteria like battery life, the simplicity of use, and getting the job done well, two manufacturers have emerged as the market’s main rivals for the best pubic hair trimmer.

Do You Really Need a Pubic Hair Trimmer?

The short answer is that you very certainly do. It is crucial for the general health and welfare of the pubic area to keep the hair trimmed and clean on a regular basis. Nobody wants their sweat-wicking, odor-trapping, germ-carrying pubic hair to have a mind of its own and start acting on its own.

It is preferable to keep it under control in order to prevent smelling like a walking jockstrap or, even worse, becoming infected with infectious microorganisms. Both of these outcomes can be avoided by keeping them under control.

The decision to use a pubic hair trimmer rather than one of the other equipment available for shaving may appear to be a trivial one, but in reality, it can make all the difference in the world. Do you recall the microorganisms I described earlier?

When the pubic region is cut during the clipping or shaving process, microorganisms have an open invitation to enter the body. Remember that no one likes to have to go to the doctor for an exceedingly embarrassing cause, so keep that in mind as you schedule your appointment.

Pubic hair trimmers, such as Meridian and Manscaped, protect the sensitive skin around the pubic area from abrasions and limit the chance of ingrown hairs. This is especially important for men. A life free of ingrown hairs is a life that is both happier and healthier, thus it is in your best interest to use a trimmer that is created specifically for the delicate areas of your body.

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What exactly should you look for in a pubic hair trimmer?

When it comes to the proper grooming of men, the instruments that are used are just as important as the method that is used. On the other hand, if you choose the inappropriate tools or rush through the process, a number of dangers can be waiting for you at the conclusion of the procedure.

When it comes to effective male grooming, you need to know what you’re buying, so in order to help you out, we’ve detailed some of the most crucial things to think about when shopping for a pubic hair trimmer.

A Strong Motor:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

In comparison to the hair on your body, your hair is most likely softer and more pliable. There are other razors on the market that provide a smooth appearance and feel above the skin.

Razors with powerful motors that can slash through dense hedges without burning out or causing discomfort below the waist would be helpful. It’s easier to trim with a powerful motor because you don’t have to press down tightly on your skin.

Blade Quality:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

When it comes to a trimmer, the blade is the most critical component. The best razors for a smooth shave are those with blades made of stainless steel, which are hygienic and have rounded edges.

Adjustable Guards:

Every man requires a variety of possibilities. Trimmers with adjustable guards allow you to remove only a small amount of hair from the top of your head while yet getting as close to your skin as possible. Big man, you do whatever makes you happy.

Shock Resistance:

We understand if the idea of putting an electrical device around water and then applying it to your genitals causes you to have second thoughts because of the potential dangers involved. Your pubic trimmer has to be constructed from strong materials such as polycarbonate that is resistant to impact.

Additionally, it must be suitable for use in both dry and damp environments without posing any danger. If you’re experienced enough that you don’t need a mirror, this makes it possible for you to quickly trim your beard while you’re in the shower, which is convenient for times when you’re pressed for time.

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped: What’s the Best Ball Hair Trimmer?

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

The Trimmer and The Lawn Mower 4.0 are, respectively, the best two pubic hair trimmers that can be purchased from Meridian and Manscaped. When deciding which one is best suited to your way of life, there are a few things to keep in mind despite the fact that all of them have more than what is required to complete the task.

To be more specific, you should think about how close of a trim you’ll need, how often you want to travel with your device, general ergonomics, and a few extra characteristics before making your purchase. Since it is common knowledge that hair may grow eternally, selecting a tool like this should also take into consideration how long it will last and how durable it will be.

Meridian’s Pubic Trimmer for Men:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

It would appear that the Trimmer from Meridian has all of the essential features that are necessary for a pubic hair trimmer to have. Just a few examples include having water resistance, water-safe blades, and an easy charging system.

The initial description of the tool that can be found on the Meridian website states that it has been purposely crafted to prevent nicks and snags. This seems to be the case, which makes The Trimmer an even more appealing choice in light of the feedback received.

In the tiny print, it also includes a low vibration mode that provides additional comfort as well as for instructions that will assist you in achieving the ideal trim.

Even if the appearance of your pubic trimmer isn’t important, the Meridian is stunning in its pretty sophisticated sage and onyx color, and it comes in a more manageable, compact package that makes it easier to get to those more difficult-to-reach areas.

The Comfort Package from Meridian comes with The Trimmer, a citrus-infused ball spray, a spare blade, and a pair of boxer underwear. The Ball Spray is formulated with witch hazel in addition to a variety of other revitalizing substances, and its dual purpose is to calm irritation caused by shaving while also preventing odor.

A replacement blade costs $20. According to the website, replacement blades should be purchased every three to four months depending on how often they are used. The majority of electric shavers do not require replacement blades every three months; therefore, the question that arises is whether or not you should purchase a shaver that requires regular replacement blades when there is an alternative available that does not require as much upkeep.

The Trimmer may also be used effectively regardless of whether it is dry or damp outside. It is possible to shave while in the shower; however, you need to take into consideration the plumbing. Those individuals who appreciate having the option to rinse off while cutting will find this to be a fantastic feature.

When it comes to buying The Trimmer, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. In spite of the fact that it comes with adjustable guards, it only provides two different settings, in contrast to The Lawn Mower’s four.

Because many of us are not picky when it comes to really get the pubes’ length right, it is possible that this will not be a significant turnoff for anyone. In addition, The Trimmer does not come equipped with an integrated lighting system, thus using it in low-light environments may prove challenging.

Because there is no travel lock on The Trimmer, it runs the risk of being accidentally turned on while being transported, which would result in the battery being depleted (been there, good luck overpaying for a replacement charger). Last but not least, The Trimmer has a revolution per minute (RPM) of 6,000, which is equivalent to Manscaped’s Lawn Mower while being slightly slower than it.

wishing you the best of luck if you overpay for a replacement charger). Last but not least, The Trimmer has a revolution per minute (RPM) of 6,000, which is equivalent to Manscaped’s Lawn Mower while being slightly slower than it.

Manscaped’s P Hair Trimmer for Menubic:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

The most recent edition of Manscaped’s Lawn Mower is version 4.0, which was developed based on the experiences of thousands of men with three earlier versions. Before, this model was more comparable to Meridian’s Trimmer; however, it now comes with upgraded bells and whistles, such as a charge indication, a travel lock, and a longer battery life.

The pricing point of The Lawn Mower is reasonable given that it has more components, despite the fact that it is a little more expensive than the trimmer that Meridian offers. This particular razor has a more compact design in order to better access those particularly difficult-to-reach parts of the body.

Additionally, it is important to point out that in comparison to its rivals, this model is noticeably less noisy. The wireless charging technology is, in our opinion, the most astounding feature that comes along with The Lawn Mower 4.0. Simply docking your lawnmower allows it to charge, so you can say goodbye to unsightly cords that get tangled up.

This technology recharges the battery without making use of any outlets in any way whatsoever by means of electromagnetic induction. This is the peak of cutting-edge design; who would have thought there was room for so much innovation in the realm of ball hair shaving?

Both the Lawn Mower 4.0 and Meridian’s The Trimmer are impervious to water in all circumstances. It may be used in the shower without any problems, and any leftover hair can be quickly wiped off of the blade after usage. Having said that, the fact that the Manscaped does not have a charging connector and has blades that are not susceptible to rust makes it an even more secure option for usage in the shower.

In addition, Manscaped comes equipped with a practical travel lock that stops the Lawn Mower 4.0 from going on by itself while it is stored in your bag, so preventing the battery from being depleted. When the power button is pressed three times in rapid succession, the travel lock is enabled.

3 Significant Similarities Between Manscaped & Meridian:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

It’s important to point out that the blade design, battery indication, and waterproof capability of the two devices are all similar before focusing on their major variances.


Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

Grooming trimmers from Manscaped/Meridian and other companies can be distinguished by the white blade affixed to the heads of the former.

Blades made of ceramic are thinner and more hygienic than traditional steel blades, and they are also more resistant to dulling. They also perform well in rust resistance, minimizing uncomfortable tugging thanks to thinner teeth and larger gaps between the guard and the blade.

Manscaped has a trademarked feature called “Skin-Safe Technology” that helps to avoid nicks and cuts. While this is going on, the competition is switching to *Sensitive Shaver Technology. * Meridian grooming is able to efficiently minimize scratching and tugging because to this feature.

Manscaped vs Meridian replacement blade

Therefore, despite the fact that each organization uses the distinctive trimming technology that is unique to it, both are successful in shielding you from unwelcome nicks and discomfort.

Battery Indicator

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

Even though it is frequently undervalued, the battery indication is an accurate representation of how much effort and attention a company spends to the products it manufactures. Users are able to determine when the battery power of the trimmer is getting low, which enables them to charge it up before using it again.

This battery indicator from Meridian has won over the hearts of a lot of customers. Customers are able to immediately read the battery level thanks to the three dots that are located on the body of the trimmer.

Unfortunately, the Manscaped Lawn Mower did not come standard with a battery indicator in any of its three previous iterations, which led to a number of customer complaints and negative reviews.

Nevertheless, with the launch of Manscaped 4.0, the company, at last, provided this necessary component to its devoted clientele, effectively closing the gap between itself and its principal rival.


Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

Because both of these businesses have developed their products to be completely waterproof, you have the option of either wet or dry shaving, depending on how you like to get your facial hair cut.

In addition to these three primary elements, it is essential to imply that Manscaped and Meridian grooming have the same price range and the same warranty policy. This is an essential point to make. In addition, the manufacturers of both types recommend that you replace the blade every three months.

5 Critical Differences Between Manscaped vs Meridian:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

 In spite of several significant similarities, Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped grooming are strikingly distinct from one another in the five most important aspects: their appearance, the add-on features that can be purchased separately, the charging system, how well they shave, and the product bundles that can be purchased. 


The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 is only available in black, while the Meridian grooming gives you the option of choose between two different shades of color: onyx and sage. Therefore, the Meridian trimmer is probably the best option for you if you are interested in something that is more trendy than the traditional black.

The two trimmers are distinct from one another not only in terms of color possibilities but also in terms of size and style. The Meridian grooming trimmer has a simpler and more understated look, in addition to having a larger surface area for shaving. In the meanwhile, the design of the Manscaped is a little bit futuristic. In addition to that, the head of the shaver is more compact.

Add-on Features:

Manscaped’s trimmer has been upgraded with key add-on features following several years of research and development on the product. These new features include a more prominent adjustable guard, an LED flashlight, and a travel-lock mode.

To begin, it is essential to point out that while the Lawn Mower 3.0 only comes with a 2-3.5mm safety guard, the Meridian grooming trimmer has always included two adjustable combs, one measuring 3-6mm and the other measuring 9-12mm.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 only comes with a 2-3.5mm safety guard by default.  As a direct consequence of this, several of the brand’s most devoted consumers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the limited amount of customization possibilities available.

 Despite this, the most recent iteration of Manscaped, version 4.0, makes use of the technology available to it in order to introduce two adjustable guards in a total of four sizes: 3-6mm, 10-13mm, and 10-13mn. 

As a result, due to the remarkable flexibility of its guards, Manscaped is currently in the lead position in the game. In addition, Manscaped 4.0 includes an LED spotlight that is located below the blade. This spotlight allows you to see the small areas better, which ultimately results in safer trimming.

The previous version of the trimmer did not allow consumers to turn off the LED spotlight; however, the new trimmer from 2021 does allow customers to switch off the light when it is no longer necessary. In addition, if you are constantly on the move, you may find the most value in Manscaped’s most recent addition, which is a travel lock.

To turn off your trimmer, all you have to do is press the power button three times in quick succession. Therefore, even if other items in your pocket click on the button, the trimmer will not operate because it is designed to be resistant to accidental activation. Because of this, it does not cause any battery to run down.

Charging System:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

In the most recent edition of the Manscaped Lawn Mower, wireless charging has been incorporated. Because of this, the charging connector that was formerly located at the bottom of the trimmer has been removed. In its place, a wireless charging dock is included in the package that the product comes in.

Even now, Meridian ships with a wired charger in the box. On the other hand, the trimmer just needs two hours to be fully charged, whereas the wireless charging feature of the Manscaped 4.0 requires at least five hours.

Shaving Performance:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

Despite being the company that started it all, Manscaped did not succeed in producing their highest-quality trimmer.

Because of the problems with overheating in versions 2.0 and 3.0, some users, particularly those with sensitive skin, have reported an unpleasant itching feeling and irritation. Even though the overheating problem has been resolved with the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0, some individuals have reservations about how well it will function in the long run.

Meridian, on the other hand, does not have any documentation of such a situation. As a result, a great number of individuals have cherished it for its enduring performance. In addition, despite the fact that the Manscaped trimmer has a little higher RPM (about 7,000), the motor in the Meridian trimmer, which only has 6,000 RPM, does not result in any discernible difference in performance.

In addition, although having a larger shaving head, the device offered by this more recent brand manages to complete the process in almost the same amount of time. You should also keep in mind that the motor of the Manscaped 4.0 is outfitted with QuietStroke technology, whilst the motor of the Meridian does not have this technology.

Therefore, when using Manscaped, you might only experience a slight vibration and a low-hum humming, in contrast to the harsher noise that you would experience when utilizing its counterpart tri.

Bundles & Packages:

Meridian Shaver vs Manscaped

In addition to this, Manscaped is famous for its branding items and media coverage.

They have been selling wonderful bundles for a number of years that include not only the trimmer but also a body toner, shaving mats, anti-chafing boxers, and a device that removes hair from the ear and nose as well as the trimmer.

In addition to that, they sell a variety of t-shirts, some of which include distinctive taglines such as “Your balls will thank you.” These shirts are a favorite of many devoted Manscaped fans. The bundles and packages that Manscaped provides are just amazing.

On the other hand, Meridian has become well-known for the simplicity of its designs, beginning with the product’s straightforward packaging when it was first released. However, over the course of its existence, this corporation has produced and released a number of significantly more outstanding products.

At the moment, its flagship bundle includes an even greater number of things than the one offered by its main competitor. In addition, the satisfaction that comes from using The Spray, an odor-neutralizing spray produced by Meridian, has contributed to the product’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past several years.


To sum up, both Manscaped and Meridian provide you with effective body trimmers as well as packages that are thoughtfully put together.

It is impossible to determine which option is superior due to the fact that both have a number of positive and negative aspects.

In order to determine whether an investment in Manscaped or Meridian would be of greater value, the decision ultimately boils down to your own requirements and preferences.