Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth Complete Guide 2022

A helmet is an important piece of safety equipment that must be worn while operating a motorcycle. This applies not just to the rider, but also to any passengers on the vehicle. Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth Connectivity is Must Have for Long Journeys.

Accidents involving bicycles in which the rider’s head is not protected are more likely to result in significant head injuries or even fatalities than accidents in which the rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

The capacity of a helmet to save a life, which is something that cannot be put a price on, is the primary factor that determines its worth. The fact that a safety helmet shields the wearer’s head from anything that could hit it is the primary reason why it is so important to always wear one.

In addition to this, it helps to protect the eyes, the neck, and the side of the head from being exposed to various sorts of physical disturbances, such as bumps, electrical currents, and so on.

The development of new technologies has resulted in the production of a diverse selection of helmets, one of which is a Bluetooth helmet that can perform a large number of functions. This kind of helmet is only one of many.

A Bluetooth-enabled helmet may be an essential piece of motorcycle safety gear, whether it’s for getting turn-by-turn directions from a phone that you’ve paired with your helmet or for maintaining communication with your crew as you ride. From a technical point of view, the term “Bluetooth helmet” may be a misleading term.

Bluetooth is wireless technology. In a motorcycle helmet that is equipped with Bluetooth, pairing your phone is taken care of by Bluetooth. Getting in touch with other riders is done through proprietary mesh networks with different radio bandwidths, similar to how a walkie-talkie works.

Imagine that you and a number of your close friends are now engaged in the process of making a demanding bicycle journey through the countryside. The atmosphere is out of this world, and the journey itself is a thrilling experience.

You are taken aback when you hear the ringing of your phone. Please pick up the phone because it’s your boss calling. It is not possible for you to stop what you are doing in order to answer the phone since doing so will cause you to fall even farther behind.

However, you can not exactly remove your protective equipment in order to acquire it. Neither of these options is available to you. The advantages of a motorcycle helmet that incorporates Bluetooth into its design become readily apparent at this point.

Due to this fantastic technology, you are able to keep a link to the outside world while you are riding, and there is no risk to you as a result of maintaining that connection while you are moving.

This article is going to be about the 3/4 Bluetooth helmets, specifically which ones are the best and what characteristics they provide.

What is a 3/4 Helmet?

Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

The 3/4 helmet means that only a portion of your face will be protected. Because they simply cover the region around the crown of your head, they allow the cool air to flow freely over your face while still allowing you to see well in front of you.

Because of this, they are a good choice for use in places where it is humid and there is a lot of traffic. In addition to that, they provide a broad field of vision and a great deal of ventilation, which helps to eliminate concerns with fogging caused by wet conditions.

However, because of the open design, these helmets do not have chin bars, which reduces the level of safety they provide to some extent. Because of this, the only time I would recommend buying a 3/4 motorcycle helmet is if you are very confident in your riding skills.

When am I allowed to use the 3/4 helmet?

It is nevertheless dangerous to use 3/4 helmets for any form of riding, despite the fact that they are, on average, more comfortable to put on than the great majority of other types of motorcycle helmets.

Therefore, if you want to be sure that you are buying the right type of helmet for your requirements, it is essential to think about how you want to use the helmet after you have purchased it. When participating in activities such as cruising, touring, or commuting around the city on a motorcycle, it could be beneficial to wear an open-face helmet.

This is due to the fact that the helmet provides good airflow and makes it easy for the rider to keep track of what’s going on in their surroundings. If this falls in accordance with what it is that you want to achieve, then the 3/4 motorcycle helmet is the one that you should choose as your protection of choice.

The Advantages of Having a 3/4 Helmet?

The fact that open-face helmets do not block the wind from entering the wearer’s face is possibly the most important advantage afforded by these forms of equipment. Because of this, they are a wonderful option for the hot days when it is practically impossible to resist sweating, as well as for regions that are largely tropical.

When it is raining, wearing an open-face helmet is more comfortable than a full-face one because, unlike full-face models, open-face helmets do not tend to fog up. In addition to this, they give a more expansive field of view, which makes it easier to watch the roads ahead of you, including the traffic lights and other activities.

These helmets are a better option than others for riders who commonly travel in groups and who may need to chat to one another while they are on their journey, as they can be taken from their heads in a matter of seconds. When you wear a helmet that doesn’t cover your face, it’s easier to do things like talk on the phone or eat.

Why Should Motorcycle Helmets Have Bluetooth Technology Built-In?

A Bluetooth Communication System is not necessary to be included in a motorcycle helmet. On the other hand, a rider may be able to make use of a number of tempting perks that are made available by a Bluetooth system that is integrated into the motorcycle. Some of them are listed below for your convenience: –


Best 34 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

It is frequently vital to have open lines of communication with the other riders in your group while you are out riding in a group. It’s not always easy to get your argument through just by raising your voice and screaming as loud as you can. That is not only impossible to do, but it also causes a disturbance for the other people driving and riding in cars.

In addition, if there are too many people on the road, there is a strong chance that you will not be able to find all of your fellow passengers in the same spot. This is a danger that you will face if there is a chance that there will be an accident.

 In a scenario like this one, having Bluetooth-enabled helmets would make it quite easy for you and your pals to keep in contact with one another despite the noise and distractions. 

In the event that you suddenly forget the directions or decide to make a rash adjustment to the plans, you can quickly get others on board by speaking through your helmets. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to any last-minute changes.


It is well acknowledged that one of the most significant factors contributing to the frequency of motorcycle accidents is using a cell phone while riding a motorcycle. When you are riding a motorcycle, you should not have your hands on your phone; instead, you should have them on the gears of the motorcycle.

On the other hand, there are those phone calls that you just can not avoid answering at any moment. Under these conditions, Bluetooth might be of use to you in terms of receiving communications with little to no disturbance.

In this regard, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that support voice commands or those that have a single button that can modify several settings are preferred.


When you are by yourself in the countryside, there is a good chance that you may experience feelings of isolation due to the fact that you will not come across anybody who can keep you company. Listening to music is one of the best ways to get over feelings of loneliness and lonesomeness.

If you have a Bluetooth helmet, listening to music will be much simpler for you, and the sound quality of the better models will be of such high caliber that you could start to wonder if you are really in a vehicle with a powerful stereo system.

In situations in which you are unable to identify the proper instructions and there is no chance for you to stop the bike, GPS Bluetooth will be of aid to you in listening to GPS directions. This will be the case in situations in which you will be unable to locate the correct directions.

Because many Bluetooth helmets enable you to manage them by delivering voice directions, you won’t have to deal with a lot of hassle either. This will make things easier for you. This eliminates the need for you to do so.


It is becoming more common for a variety of Bluetooth headsets to be compatible with a number of helmets, which is a feature that may be found in a variety of helmets. Despite this, it is not the choice that offers the greatest degree of comfort to those who choose it.

On the other hand, opting for a Bluetooth helmet will provide you with access to all of these benefits in addition to the highest possible level of comfort. Therefore, there are advantages for both the interested parties.

So let’s start to learn more about it in detail…

Bluetooth Helmet Bell Custom 500 3/4

Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

  • Bluetooth Helmet Bell Custom 500 3/4
  • Shoei J-Cruise II
  • Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth
  • Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets
  • CAVALRY-CL-MB-L Matte Black Large Bluetooth Sena

The construction of this helmet has been given a lot of careful studies. It has a low profile and is made of a fiberglass composite material. On the inside, it has a multi-density EPS liner. It not only looks and feels comfortable, but it also allows you to wear prescription glasses without putting pressure on your head.

In addition to that, it includes a high-quality real leather interior that can be taken out, cleaned, and put back in after each usage. In general, just as you would anticipate from a product of this kind, both the inside and the outside of this helmet have been crafted with care and attention to detail.

Even though the appearance of the helmet is the least significant consideration when it comes to the protection it provides, a lot of riders still care a lot about how they appear while they’re out on their bikes.

In this respect, the people behind the firm have done their best to accommodate the various styles and preferences of the riders. You can find exactly what you’re looking for in Bell’s collection, regardless of whether you like more traditional alternatives or are interested in something better.

 In the same way that there are a wide variety of color options, there are also a wide variety of shell sizes, ranging from X-small to XX-large. 

It is recommended that you purchase the size that best fits your head; for example, if you measure your head and discover that you are an M, you should buy an M.If, however, you find that you fall somewhere in the middle of two sizes, choose the larger of the two.

As a result, you won’t have any trouble selecting a helmet that will fit you well and look good on you. The average weight of fiberglass Bell Custom 500 is around 1.3 kilograms or 2.8 pounds. That’s not even close to being heavy.

If you are interested in achieving an extremely low weight, the carbon fiber variant will, of course, cut a significant number of grams off of that total.

According to a number of owners, the paint, fit, finish, and materials are excellent. Additionally, the overall construction quality is reportedly very outstanding, which is just what you want when selecting an open-face helmet in the traditional design.

Bell is trying to refute that quality with their five-year guarantee, which is wonderful for peace of mind and should cover you for manufacturing problems for the length of time that the helmet is intended to be used.


  • It includes audio compartments with Velcro closures for the ears.
  • One of the helmets in its range weighs the least.


  • It is rather larger than what is seen in the photo.
  • It could seem a bit awkward when worn for the first time, but it loosens up rather quickly after that.

Shoei J-Cruise II

Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

In the situation that money is not a problem for you and you are looking for the finest that the market has to offer, you will have a difficult time finding a 3/4 helmet that is superior to the Shoei J-Cruise II. It is designed to be used in combination with the Shoei SRL Bluetooth Headset from Sena.

It’s true that this model is on the pricier side, but in this instance, you definitely get what you pay for. This helmet offers everything essential to give you the most comfortable riding experience possible, from a spectacular exterior that is packed with the newest technological advancements to an amazingly practical design that includes an inside sun visor.

The Shoei J-Cruise II has a wealth of innovations that enhance both comfort and convenience for the rider. An internal sun visor is included in the design in order to shield the wearer from the sun, reflect its rays, and contribute to the reduction of condensation.

This visor sits low enough to provide you with an unobstructed view of the road, and it also gives you enough space to accommodate goggles or prescription glasses. The construction of the primary shield is likewise excellent. It helps to decrease vibration and noise because of its clean and streamlined design, which also prevents it from catching the wind as less expensive helmets do.

The built-in QSV-2 sunscreen offers riders fast protection from the glare of the sun with only one simple move. The section of the outer shell that covers the forehead is elevated slightly to provide room for the internal sunscreen. This makes sure that the EPS liner inside the helmet doesn’t lose its shape.

The material on the interior of the helmet is also of very high quality. Unlike cheaper helmets, this one has a multi-density EPS lining that keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days.

An additional intake hole and a top air exit design contribute to the helmet’s breathability. When put together, these features made the helmet 30 percent better at letting air in than its competitors.


  • The technologies that SENA SRL and SRL2 use to talk to each other are made to work with the helmet.
  • It has an extended sun visor on the inside, so it protects you from the sun better.
  • The shield can be removed with ease and is held in place by a shield stopper to prevent it from opening unexpectedly at speed.
  • Five-layer structure in the cheek pad with a 3D Max-Dry lining that is detachable, washable, and removable.
  • Chinstrap with padding


  • There is not a huge selection of colors to choose from.
  • When compared to open-face helmets, this one is fairly heavy.

Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

Best 34 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most amazing helmets that can be purchased right now. Because not only does it make you feel more at ease, but it also helps to ensure that you remain safe.

When compared to the average weight of a helmet, which is often rather considerable, the weight of this specific helmet is just a little over four pounds, which is a huge difference. Since the fabric used to make this item makes it look even lighter than it is, it’s a safe bet that it will meet your comfort needs.

You may choose from a variety of colors, and it is also available in a few distinct sizes to suit your needs. Each size also has straps that are adjustable, enabling you to personalize the fit of the hat to correspond with the contours of your own head.

In addition to these benefits, the layout gives people a good view and enough space to move around. When you put on a helmet, one of the worst things that may happen to you is that you will sweat a lot inside of it. This is one of the risks associated with wearing a helmet.

This helmet is a great remedy to the problem that was described before since it has the aforementioned remarkable air ventilation system. It makes it much simpler for you to keep your cool even while riding for lengthy periods of time because of how much easier it is for you to do so.

The majority of your sweat is absorbed by an inner layer that can be removed from the helmet. This layer can then be easily cleaned by removing it from the helmet. This section of the helmet may be found near the center of the structure.

By using Bluetooth 3.0 technology, this headgear maintains the user’s connection to the outside world while they are wearing it. You won’t miss any phone calls or the GPS instructions on your smartphone since it features ear pockets, so you can ride without worrying about missing a beat. The control method for the helmet is accomplished via the use of buttons.

As a direct result of this, you won’t be required to keep your hands away from the helmet for an overly extended amount of time in order to comply with the regulations.


  • It uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology.
  • Very lightweight.
  • classy design
  • Changeable shields
  • Good ventilation
  • It has a washable and removable inner lining.
  • Has ear pockets


  • The sound quality is not up to the mark.

Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmets

Best 34 helmet with Bluetooth 2022

Riders that use half helmets often choose the Sena Bluetooth stereo headset for their audio needs. This headset is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which makes it extremely easy to receive and make phone calls as well as communicate with other passengers or riders who are in close proximity to you.

Even in conditions when there is a lot of background noise, such as when there is a strong wind blowing or when the pace is really rapid, this headset is your support.

One of the reasons why so many people like this headset are the ease with which it can be assembled. Because it can be readily installed into the majority of half helmets, you do not need to spend any of your valuable time hunting for a specific sort of helmet that is required to utilize this.

It is also incredibly easy to connect with any device, so there is no need to worry about any complications in that regard. Because this gadget has a function that allows you to activate it with your voice, you won’t be tempted to take your hands off the handlebars of your bike in order to talk on the phone.

Because of this, putting this helmet on is an extremely risk-free activity. Additionally, it employs one-of-a-kind technology to block noise, allowing you to get the most out of your hearing experience even when you are in challenging environments.

The fact that this helmet comes with a variety of other tiny accessories, such as speaker and Velcro pads, microphone caps, microphone sponges, USB power and data connection, etc., is yet another advantage of purchasing this particular helmet.

Because the headset is resistant to water, you do not need to be concerned about it being damaged if it rains while you are using it. A further advantage lies in the long range, which is around 980 yards.


  • It utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology.
  • Seven and a half hours of discussion time.
  • It is simple to install in many helmets.
  • Uses noise-canceling technology.
  • It consists of a function for activating it by voice.
  • long-range
  • The substance that is resistant to water.
  • It is included with additional auxiliary accessories.


  • The quality of the music is extremely poor.

CAVALRY-CL-MB-L Matte Black Large Bluetooth Sena

Best 3/4 helmet with Bluetooth 2022


This particular model has one of the most advanced built-in Bluetooth systems available in a motorcycle helmet today. Other Bluetooth helmets utilize either Bluetooth 3.0 or Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but this one employs the more sophisticated Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

This makes it stand out from the majority of other Bluetooth helmets on the market. Because of this, it has an advantage over other products on the market.

The helmet has a wide variety of applications and may be used for practically any purpose, including communicating with other users up to a distance of 900 meters, exchanging music, and listening to the radio. You can also communicate with other riders around you, which is something that would have been difficult to do in conditions with a lot of wind or while going very fast.

It has a talk time of 10 hours once it has been charged, which is a really outstanding feature. The quality of the music produced by the speakers that are built into the helmet is likewise really high. Therefore, you are able to listen to music or have an important conversation even in the midst of a high-speed trip without the slightest change in the quality of the sound at all.

This object can also be associated with the Sena headset app, which gives a broad variety of options such as accessing an interactive guide, changing FM radio settings, and so on. This thing can also be paired with the Sena headset app. This is a really practical, well-thought-out design for a helmet, and it offers a multitude of advantages all in one tidy package.


  • Its Bluetooth version 4.0 technology is included in it.
  • It has a noise control system.
  • It contains a conversation duration of ten hours.
  • Integrated speakers of a very high grade are included.
  • Compatible with the Sena headset app and able to hook up with it.


  • Does not provide a sufficient variety of available sizes.


Even though every rider is aware of how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, not all of them feel that wearing a helmet is comfortable, particularly while traveling at high speeds.

This is due to the fact that the majority of helmets do not provide sufficient ventilation and are sometimes on the weightier side, making it a challenging effort to wear one for an extended period of time.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of helmets available on the market to meet your specific requirements. You’ve arrived at the correct place if you’re seeking a helmet that provides a level of protection that is appropriate with its weight while still maintaining a design that is comfortable to wear.

In the section above, I have created a list of the top 3/4 Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.